Friday, May 12, 2017

Pushing Shit uphill

Not content to follow their forebears , repent and give the job to someone who knows , Andrews the puppet and his team continue to try to do the impossible with nature .Image may contain: ocean, sky, outdoor and nature
Such is their arrogance they dare to advertize it ; Such is their ignorance of their ignorance that they are not even aware that they are wasting our money big time.

Daniel Andrews, when the sums are added up from all that stamp duty he has had to play with , will go down as Victoria's most wasteful wooden and woosy leader.

Not content to try and stop land doing what it does naturally at Wye River they try to replace sand on the beaches they allowed to erode .
The women who keep wasting this money on their own /close friends ideas should resign and give the jobs for people who do know .

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Friday, April 29, 2016

A licence to fight fires

RE Andrews has to be told he is a puppet by the CFA

Wearing no clothes or ones that don't fit  real leaders  . Bracks has been there trying to make water.  Andrews , in ignorance of the golden thread makers,  offers full time work to fight fires  which means fire prevention focus disappears from focus .
Every decade ( see posts below) we have another ignorant puppet who forgets that govt are meant to decrease demand  , Not increase it  
 Labors vain hope that we wouldn't see through the thin clothes of a man from the bush is proving vain.  I would  like to see it a requirement for all ministers to do time volunteering and living in the culture of independents - not there clear culture of dependency. Their culture of ideological 'support " for all those who qualify as dependants Dalrymple has yet to give our dummies in spring street a good shake ;

Of course it makes sense to a reactionary to give himself a job as a fire fighter - been doing it all their lives . Competent operatives prevent fires. but they wouldn't know about that

It would be a laugh if it wasn't so serious . Clearly on a whole lot of fronts Daniel Andrews is just a puppet for the engineering and scheming incompetents in his own party. People who should have been kicked out of office decades ago,   Those who just as clearly sit there in Spring Street without a clue about the culture of ignorant dependency they promote and are clearly  part of ,

Who were those who were there  when the decision was made to make water?. Why is Gavin Jennings still in Parliament and all the labor appointees to bureaus who take it as their right to not create careers for themselves   but just jobs and high taxes for our children  -

The hypocrisy of the shift from taxes for careers in competency,  to assumed competency amongst ministers leads to a  mere jobs from a GRANT approach.

No longer the punchy yes (but No) minster but the woosy  A yes sir minister approach
= they in their high and mighty office deem to give jobs to the mere plebs .Jobs that last ONLY as long as their credibility in the matter lasts    Common you UTOPIA fans

So the education minister has been on a long leash - who else ?

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Sunday, March 20, 2016

Vic Labor in denial about its own arrogant incompetence

Those who can do do, those who can't do teach , those who can't teach teach teachers and those who are really stupid defend  incompetence in there own education department ranks . Brumby , Bracks and co will all one day say they wished they knew and dealt with that incompetence .

Incompetence  is still there in the leaders of the house , committees and puppets and political appointees You know who UR.  Stupidity and simplicity in leadership has bred it in the bureau . Education and Environment in particular . I have no doubt that lots of other meddling and lowering of productivity has been going on . Eg Big OH&S and uneccesary paper planning discouragement based on there own risk averse lifestyles.

When Feds have to tell the Victorian education department that they can't even structure a reasonable curriculum on behavior , they don't accept it ; they do what they have been doing in comfort zone - they deny it.  

Merlino and Andrews are in a desperate mood ,  They talk  like fanatics about resisting the federal government revision of the basis for the Safe Schools program but will hopefully realise they have a chance to resist those who have just meddled with their power- those who would tell us how to live !
For the sake of Victoria,  they and the Liberals  MUST retire these careless talkers .
What other dumb policies like making water is Andrews and the old hacks sitting on ?Just another of his atrocious waste legacies for young Victorians.  The non reps  may have the votes but they don't have the right ,or the sense of the responsibility,  to represent us . Retire before you completely ruin the country .

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Monday, December 01, 2014

Labor firmly entrenched in power

Bracks in 2003 got what he and his party wanted - the right to govern and now, it seems the right to govern eternally ; from the bright lights of the city . While their legislation to insist on proportional  rather than real representaion remains we will have the city telling us  what to do . Note how quickly the power of the Nationals disappeared and now the Liberals are going the same way , 

Bracks (on panel Saturday) thinks Labor is bringing young people with them. What would he really know Young people in regions joined their parents to vote for someone independant - even it they were OLD !?Bracks  still thinks it would be great to lock up the rest of Victoria - watch it happen under the weak leadership of Andrews.  If labor is so clever ,can it divorce itself from its own coalition of convenience and comfort ?They are the ones with young people 
Andrews will have to live with the ultimate test of Bracks innovation . The Greens in their  concrete jungle home think they have win a right to tell the rest of the country how to do environment .Even Anthony Green is ridiculing the system created and blind Freddy can see the stupidity of a single win in the heart of Melbourne !

 Daniel Andrews will soon show his true colours if he lets the Greens  get their stupid way over their irrational desire for a Park over Eastern Victoria just like Bracks got his way over Western Victoria .
Shouldn't be hard - The env vote is strong and stronger than ever in the city . Noone ( unless they live in the area ) will notice that he is promoting a lie and the ongoing closing down of industry and sound professional sense on the environment.  Feels good - thats important to some
Notice that the country is not happy . How could it be the system no longer properly represents their interests
Sure Labor ran  a better campaign than the Libs,  I saw lots of paid union reps on the hustings

No , the old is going Bracks and the new is coming - the Parliament of self centred stumbling and blocking . The oldies of all parties are giving up because a myth has become the ideal in representation theology . The simple will trump the complex . God will bless the mere numbers,  if not the places where those numbers come from . 
 The results in upper, if nothing else show what a selfcentred mess Bracks has made of our democracy.
"A major reform of the Parliament was made by the Labor government, led by Steve Bracks, with the passage of the Constitution (Parliamentary Reform) Act 2003. Under the new system, members of the Legislative Council serve fixed four-year terms linked to elections for the Legislative Assembly, unless if the Legislative Assembly is dissolved sooner.

Each electoral region consists of 11 contiguous Legislative Assembly electoral districts with about 420,000 electors each, who elect five members to the Legislative Council by a single transferable vote. There are now 40 members of the Legislative Council, four fewer than before. The changes also introduced proportional representation. The opportunity was also taken to remove the Council's ability to block supply. The reforms have made it easier for minor parties to gain election to the Council and possibly gain the balance of power."
9:03 AM

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Wednesday, October 16, 2013

The woosy look

Naphine and Mulder come from sheep country... and it shows . Mulder appears in the paper TODAY leaning on a shovel but never a word to shake the Education Department or the non performing Colac Otway Shire .Perhaps he believes the 3 amigos threats in the paper today ?

Our mayor and her 2 highly paid friends are constantly seeking legal advice at our expense  to prosecute one lone voice in our struggling non representative democracy and Terry says and does nothing . What a wimp !
Here's something to say "resign the lot of you " before we sack you - on any rationale measure the people say you are not performing as our representatives. 

Worse than Hacker , Mr Mulder  seems to think losing a piece of paper ( Title to the school) by the Education Department is an acceptable thing for the bureau . Doesn't Mr Mulder  realize that like Cathy in Indi or even Brain Crook once , the people would choose another conflict confrontation person TOMMOROW - should an election be called . The people are going to dump the woos-es 

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Saturday, December 15, 2012

Baillieu -too comfortable and lacking conviction to discipline

Despite appearances I don't like going to the paper to try and get some support ( noone can change the comfortable who govern us alone unless they themselves want to do the bit) But i am concerned that some roadusers  will get killed in our area because the bushfire hazard risk reduction talk is just that .
Yesterday I da personal contact with another of Baillieu's easy options to pay for his bureau's ongoing indulgences . I was fined for leaving not locking my car when I went on a five minute walk to a home on a lonely open road where there were no other houses for miles. I talked to the officer about his discretion in the situation . With me doing my old work for nothing for now 6 years we cannot afford the 3 figure fine.

Our Premier Mr Bailleau ( announced yesterday he was seeking to raise more money from police fines ) might be lucky to win the next election if he keeps offending law abiding people in the country .  If all this careless blinkered  zero tolerance talk lends support to raising money off the poor and improving the governments financial state they WILL compromise the profession- does not his police training and budget management approach gives his officers less discretion   .Short term gain - long term pain
I was taking pictures of all the "suck eggs 'warnings on the roadside and bemoaning the lack of safer places signs on certain high risk roads in our area.   Are the liberals in charge too thick to see how weakly they hold the leadership and how weak and shallow are their ways of disciplining the people ( esp their own)

There are 2 ways to lose leadership - one is to go down fighting ; the other is to woose out .We will remember Kennett, but will we remember Baillieu?

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Wednesday, December 14, 2011

Baillieu's ministers slipping and sliding

What's the worst thing that can happen with a new government?  One  that (as normal)  gets in because the previous government were so incompetent . -Answer: They make the same mistakes the previous government did.
And why would they be silly enough do that ? They might think business knows best and they might not realise the bureaubrats have great ( well intentioned ) dreams  but will spend great amounts of public money chasing them. They might let the 2 biggest groups in town still lead them (the bureaubrats and the businesses who rely on them )cause they don't listen to anyone else ( Yes Minister is still popular !) .The biggest threat is clearly still the biggest threat.
As those of us who worked in the PS - such scenarios are not only likely through the term , it seems today, going to limit the reform possibilities under the Libs? Not unless the Ministers  twig to the tax rich driver groups who talk them into things. The best intentions cloaked in gifts paid for by the poor.
O' Brien clearly wasn't warned by his advisors that his approach would win few friends (which means he's being snowed still)
His whitewash of the smart meters sounded like he and Ted had failed to see the danger.
Even if there is something good about smart meters, the Minister O'Brien gave the distinct impression he and the new lib government  had learnt nothing about how to waste public money ,,,and worse ( cause its easier to implement ) calling for an end to "all the crap about saving us money "  and helping us manage how much we spend ( Nanny O'Brien)
To be credible with a patient overtaxed public they should've maintained the rage and  ditched the crappy ads ( fed funded-- who cares ) that tell us we are all going to save money and stopped the "token gestures about " more monitoring".
If this slipping is symbolic of the snowing that is going on amongst them , its a very serious disease .

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